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Card Reading

Card Reading

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I specialize in life path reads- this means I’m able to clearly see where you are, what has lead you to this point and where you need to go in order to create the most growth in your life. I’m capable of communicating with your guides (if they present themselves) and often times they show me things about your journey that will contribute to your read. These reads are not solely limited to your life path- but will also contain things such as: your overall well-being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), any important messages that need to come through, any major  life event changes coming up, pregnancies, love life, career life etc. What comes up in your read depends on what has been weighing on your mind. Since this works on energy, I energetically pick up (with your permission) the answers you’re looking for- so your read depends on you entirely!

These readings will last anywhere between 30-45 minutes (they COULD go longer- depending on what needs to come out, these reads are not timed) and they will be done over the phone. Once the reservation is complete, I will send an email to the one provided with a number for you to call at your reserved time.

Duration 45 mins

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