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Ruby Fuschite

Ruby Fuschite

Also known as the "Ultimate Heart Stone," Ruby Fuchsite is said to eliminate negative energy and restore love, consciousness, and a sense of compassion. Ruby Fuchsite's energies work together to provide powerful emotional security and self-reflection during challenging circumstances. The Ruby, which provides boldness and power and the fuschite provides  the calming and nurturing vibrations. Ruby Fuchsite is also an excellent choice for love, fertility, and healthy overall well-being. These stones' contrasting hues and densities are a magnificent sign of harmony, togetherness, and a deep connection. The Ruby will help you gain a sense of confidence in yourself, and having greater confidence will encourage us to rediscover our enthusiasm for life and to take steps ahead on our current course in life. Fuchsite aids in the passage of energy from other minerals, allowing for enhanced benefits regardless of the crystal with which it is paired.


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