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The Missing Peace

Find your missing piece

The 4 elements

When we think of the 4 elements we think of various sources of life, right? Each crystal relates to an element or two because they hold their unique energy within. Some offer a sense of being grounded & better connected, some ignite your flame within and give you the courage to push through, some clear the emotional clutter away and some offer mental clarity for better decision making. 

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What are they ? 

Rocks & Stones are important in First Nations cultures, as are most things in nature. Rocks are our grandfathers & they each have a job. Some for healing, some for cleansing, some for grounding, others for protection, the list goes on. It's important we take care of our grandfathers, as we do with our elders. Our grandfathers have a lot of wisdom and they're always there for us. It's important to keep them clean, both energetically and physically & to form a relationship with them. They won't know how to help you if they do not "know you". This goes for every individual grandfather - if you have two of the same kind of crystals it's still important to bond with them both.